Rainbow Families and Youth Programming

Sunday May 8 – 10am – 12:30 pm – Apollo Cinema – Downtown Kitchener – Free – (With free brunch!)

Femme Fatale Creations presents Rainbow Families and Youth Programming.

Inspired by 10 year old gayby, who feels that the LGBTQ community doesn’t always have enough programming for young people, this event will include screenings of films appropriate for young children, tweens, teens and their LGBTQ and ally families.

Family Restaurant is a heart-warming short film featuring puppets who learn about celebrating LGBTQ families,

while Jamie: A Transgender Fairy Tale is a cartoon that puts a genderqueer spin on a familiar fairy tale. These films are appropriate for young children, tweens and their families.

Our feature presentation is a compelling documentary, Gayby Baby, which follows the lives of several youth in same-sex families. Hear directly from these Australian gaybies about what it’s like for them to grow up in same-sex families, while navigating puberty, discrimination and their dreams for the future. This film is more suitable for older children and teens.

Following the screening, there will be a panel of local gaybies, who will share their thoughts on the film and whether they related to its depictions of what it’s like to grow up in an LGBTQ family. Please come out and support local youth as they share their voices and stories with the community!

*Please note that parents are welcome to slip in and out, as their children may require. There will be a craft station set up for kids who need a break from the film screening.*