Fire Song

8-10pm – Thursday May 5 – University of Waterloo – Alumni Hall – Free

Join the Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre in a screening of Fire Song: One of the first films by a First Nations director to deal with two-spirit people, the thoughtful and moving debut feature by Adam Garnet Jones focuses on Shane (Andrew Martin), a young Anishinaabe man at a crossroads.

Even as his family is still reeling from a recent tragedy, Shane is forced to decide whether firesong.jpghe will leave the reservation to go to school — and he’s also faced with the prospect of raising tuition money fast, not an easy thing to do in a depressed area. (Not legally, anyway.)

With sensitivity and intelligence, Fire Song confronts some of the most pressing questions facing First Nations communities. What is it that makes a community — and is a person’s actual physical presence in that community a necessary part of it? Would Shane really be turning his back on those he cares for by leaving, or does the pressure on him to stay prohibit opportunity? Can a two-spirit person be truly accepted by a tradition-bound culture, or do exclusionary interpretations of that culture’s traditions condemn them to make a life for themselves elsewhere?
Tough yet compassionate, subtle and affecting, Fire Song announces the arrival of a powerful new voice in Canadian cinema.