Day 1: Thursday May 5, University of Waterloo, Room TBD (200 University Ave W, Waterloo)
Day 2: Friday May 6, Wilfrid Laurier University (75 University Ave W, Waterloo)
Day 2: Friday May 6, Hep Cats (42 Erb St E e 117, Waterloo)
Day 3: Saturday May 7, KPL (85 Queen St N, Kitchener)
Day 3: Saturday May 7, Princess Twin Cinema (46 King St N, Waterloo)
Day 4: Sunday March 15, Apollo Cinema (141 Ontario St N, Waterloo)



University of Waterloo
Visitor Parking in available in lots C, H, D, M, W and X at a cost of $5.00 per day with the exception of M Lot which is $6.00 per day.
View the map of the available parking lots here
Accessible parking spaces are available in designated areas across campus. A University of Waterloo permit along with a Ministry of Transportation permit must be displayed to park in an accessible parking space. Daily permits can be purchased at Parking Services or pay and display machines where applicable.

Wilfrid Laurier University
Pay and Display:
Pay & Display parking is available, seven (7) days a week, in Lots 4, 20 & 10. Please refer to a campus map for these locations. The Pay & Display machine itself is located at the entrance to lot 20 as well as the entrance to lot 10.
Pay & Display can be accessed for $2.50/hour (with a seven (7) minute time minimum) or a $7.00/day flat rate (from 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.). The machine accepts quarters, one and two dollar coins, Visa and Mastercard.
Metered parking is available in Lots 2, 3A,14, and 24. Please refer to a campus map for these locations. NEW; Meters in lot 3A and 14 now accept credit card as payment.
Meters can be accessed for $2.50/hour, with a seven (7) minute time minimum and no maximum time limit. The machines accept quarters, one and two dollar coins.
Weekend Parking (after 6pm):
There is no charge for campus parking on weekends, but please note that free weekend parking is not permitted in Lots 4, 20, 10, 7 (in orange spaces), 12, 15, 18, 19A, 21, 30, 31, 34, 36 and 38 (please refer to a campus map for these locations) nor in “Reserved” parking spaces at any time.

Princess Twin Cinema, Uptown Waterloo
Inexpensive matinee parking: behind Old Goat Books, Waterloo Public Library (lower lot), Station Lot (Paul Puncher), King/William Gazebo lot.
Free 3 hour street parking: Spring, Young, Peppler, Laurel
Best free evening parking: Street parking after 6pm, Waterloo Public Library, Marsland Centre, Waterloo Town Square
Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm, on-street parking regulations permit FREE time-controlled parking for durations of one or two hours depending on the location. On-street signage provides users with time-control limits. Longer-term paid parking is available in the centrally located UpTown Waterloo Parkade for people who will be staying for a longer visit. Most places offer FREE parking after 6pm.

Kitchener Public Library

Bus Route
# 8 University – Fairview Park (View Route Map)
Underground Parking Garage
Hourly parking is available from 6 am to 10 pm. You may enter the parking garage from Queen St or Otto St.
Parking garage rates are as follows:

  • First 1/2 hour: $1.05
  • Next 1/2 hour: $1.05
  • Each 1/2 hour thereafter: $1.65
  • Daily maximum: $14.50
  • Theatre rate: $7.50 (except matinee)
  • Sunday: free

These rates apply to the full duration of the parking garage hours of operation, 6 am to 10 pm.
Surface Parking
Pay & Display surface level parking is available in the parking lot located next to the library.

  • Hourly rate: $2.25
  • Daily maximum: $10.75.
  • Sunday: free

Alternate Parking Options
Metered parking is available on Ahrens St and Roy St, across from the library. Parking on Ahrens St and Roy St is free after 6 pm, and all day on Sundays and holidays.
A limited number of free 2 hour streetside parking spaces are available on nearby Margaret Ave, Mansion St and Ellen St. Parking on these streets is free all day on weekends and holidays.
Short-duration and all-day parking is also available at the Duke St & Ontario St garage, the Kitchener City Hall garage, Kitchener Market garage, as well as the new parking structure at the corner of Charles St & Benton St.

City of Kitchener parking locations and rates

Apollo Cinema, Downtown Kitchener
More than 200 free two-hour on-street parking spaces are available within a 5-10 minute walk.
Parking on Ahrens St and Roy St is free after 6:00 pm
The Manulife parking lot (corner of Charles St. & Water St.) is free on evenings after 7pm and weekends.
Parking at the Duke & Ontario garage, the Civic District garage (at the library), and the City Hall garage is free on Sunday and holidays
PAID PARKING: Short-duration and all-day parking is also available at the Duke & Ontario garage, City Hall garage, the Civic District garage, and the Charles & Benton garage
Pay & Display surface level parking is available at the lots on Ontario St. S., Water St. S., and the lot located next to the Central Library (corner of Ahrens St & Queen St).