Tales from the Inside and Inner Pieces

6pm-8pm – Alumni Hall – University of Waterloo – Free

Tales from the Inside

The Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity presents:
“Did you ever have the urge to tell a story… But did not know how to begin?
Did you ever have to write your feelings down because… You were unable to speak them?
Come and listen as we break the silence.
Come and listen…
As we lend our voices to words that were written to be heard.

After the premiere of “Tales from the Inside” at Glow’s 45th anniversary in March 2016, we are excited to be back for the Rainbow Reels festival! Members of the University of Waterloo’s Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity will take you on a journey through the colourful diversity of the queer community. A moving compilation of excerpts from LGBT+ fiction, staged as a series of monologues that is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and everything in between. Get involved during the interactive parts of our performance or simply sit and watch as lives unfold around you. Come and listen as we tell the stories of the characters from literature and films. Tales of fear. Tales of courage.
Tales from the inside…”


Shari Brown
Joanna Cleary
Carlotta Ipsen
Jimmy Ji
Andrew O’Malley
Brie Treviranus
Joanna Cleary
Carlotta Ipsen



Inner Pieces

Modus Vivendi Theatre presents dancers Jeff Fox, and Tyler Caughlin

The quest for inner peace is as eternal as it is complex.  Through movement and song, from Tai Chi to Tango, Jeff and Tyler explore the many different ways we pursue peace within ourselves as well with the world around us and the other people in it